2 x Triad Tripod system


Triad Quick-Release Tripod System (Set)

  • The T3 Tall Tripod set from Triad-Orbit features a three-section shaft and is designed to accommodate applications that call for 32.5 - 78.5" Camera & Blackbody placements for most applications. Each leg of the stand's base has four ratcheted positions that provide up to 65° range of movement. This allows the T3 to stand on uneven surfaces and allows for stacking, which makes storage easier.The T3 is also equipped with an IO quick-change coupling system to mate with IO-equipped hardware. This is great for quick and easy setups without having to unscrew anything. The Triad system is designed for minimal footprint yet extremely sturdy against accidental impact damage.

    -Max. Footprint: 24 x 24" / 61 x 61 cm

    -Stand Height: 32.5 to 78.5" / 82.5 to 199.4 cm"

    -Weight: 14.3 lb / 6.5 kg